Text Messaging Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: November 06, 2015

Will my cell phone automatically receive text messages?

Yes, unless you opted out of this feature or the service provider for the cell phone is T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Subscribers: The phone number you list as "Cell Phone" will receive text messages only if you confirm that you would like to receive them. Within days of entering a new phone number in the Cell Phone field in InsideND or during web enrollment or visiting the Office of the Registrar you will receive an automated text message from the system requesting your confirmation. The message will be from "23177" and will state: NDALERT: You have asked to receive SMS alerts from us. You must reply "Y NDIRISH" to confirm this request. Please use the reply feature on your phone, type Y NDIRISH, and press your Send key. You will receive another text message that will confirm that you will receive alerts.

All other service providers: For Verizon, AT&T, etc., within days of entering your cell phone number into InsideND or during web enrollment or visiting the Office of the Registrar, you will receive a text message from "23177" with the following text: NDALERT: You are now confirmed to receive alerts from us. More info text reply "HELP" or "STOP NDIRISH" to opt out. If you replied to this message with the text "STOP NDIRISH", you will have opted out and will not receive text messages. To opt in again, follow the instructions in What if I opted-out but later decide I would like to opt-in again?

How do I opt-in to receive text messages from my school?

As a student, you can opt-in by providing a text-enabled phone number during ND Roll Call, emailing address.1@nd.edu, or visiting the Office of the Registrar. If you are an employee, you can provide your text-enable mobile phone number to the Office of Human Resources or accessing “My Resource” at InsideND.

Connect-ED has recently changed their business practice to automatically opt-in every user that has provided a cellular number. Students and employees will no longer receive an introductory text message asking them to confirm acceptance or denial of the service. Students and employees that had previously opted-out of the text messaging service with Connect-ED will remain opted-out and not receive emergency text messages.

How do I opt-out of the text messaging portion of the service?

You may send a text message to 23177 with the word ‘STOP NDIRISH’ or ‘QUIT NDIRISH’. STOP allows you to temporarily stop receiving text messages (going on vacation, traveling) and gives the option to resume that in the future. QUIT is a permanent termination of receiving future text messages from Connect-ED.

What if I opted-out but later decide I would like to opt-in again?

You may request to begin receiving messages by texting the word ‘SUBSCRIBE NDIRISH’ to 23177. Connect-ED will then send you a confirmation text message.

If I change cell phone providers do I need to opt-in again?

No. Once your phone number has been opted-in, it stays registered within the system provided your cell phone number does not change.

I opted-in to receive text messages from Connect-ED but have not received anything.  How do I make sure I am subscribed?

Contact the appropriate office (students please contact the Registrar's Office; faculty, staff, and other affiliates please contact the Office of Human Resources) to ensure that your emergency contact cell phone number is correct in the Notre Dame administrative systems. If it is incorrect, update the information and then text the word ‘SUBSCRIBE NDIRISH’ to 23177.

What if someone receives the text message in error and replies to it?

Every text message is sent with directions for Opting-Out. If a reply comes in with an unrecognized request, an automated text message will be sent directing them to our HELP pages. 

From what address will the text message appear to come?

All text messages are sent from the Connect-ED 5-digit short code, 23177.

Can I have more than one phone number receive text messages?

At this point, you may identify just one SMS phone number for text message delivery.